words to live by (note to self)

quit planning bad things
and think of something good
try not regretting
things you misunderstood
open up your mind again friend
see a brand new start
tear the old walls down
and open up your heart
i know sometimes
it seems like things
just never go your way
understand that life
is always changing
and new with every day
life is sometimes tragic
and pain is always real
but never let your mind
tell your heart how
it should feel
hold on to your memories
the past is how we learn
and keep the best ones right up front
the others already had their turn
in the morning
when i wake up
it seems cloudy outside
and the sun tries to hide
but i know he will
break through
and eventually
i'll even see
the moon
and the stars
and even the one
special one
that i like to
think of
as his friend
and as words go
you know now i see
there will never be an end
and never enough said
but sometimes never enough
is already enough said
between friends
and like i said before
like i'm sure i have said
a hundred times before
if i ever even said it once
with your whole heart

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