every click
of every key
is driving
little ice picks
into me
as i turn again
and try to read
your frustration
on a smaller screen
the heart of me

breaking as it
were unable to be
even half
of what you need
to find you
and softly calm
your doubts
this is what
this is about
for me
you say i'm quiet
and i never say
somehow it pressed
out of me today
or maybe i opened
just a little bit
to build trust
but my fingers click
the wrong keys
and I can feel you
behind that little screen
but by the time
i can even breathe
you're gone
already gone
and i'm here now
alone with all
these things
weighing down on me
pressing me numb
it's a break
in my heart
a fire 
that hurts
more than
it warms
the keyboard slows
to anything else
and then i recall
my hope through it all
and remember to ask
for a little relief
a little reprieve
and if it's not too much
the tiniest sign
of hope
you are sometimes
out of sight
though never
out of mind
the one i love
i'm learning
i must leave you
in his hands
and trust in
him again