i wish i could see your world for awhile

and that for a moment you could see mine

that the world could be generous once for love's sake

jealous thoughts cease tormenting my mind

and even slight thoughts in anger instead would be always kind

as i was considering your world and you considering mine

our hearts could come together and like our hands would bind

with nothing in between us we could understand perspective

and listening to new words in new ways

hearing for the first time things already said so many times before

that God might grant such a gift i cannot be sure

but i promise to try to see your world for awhile

instead of constantly just spinning senslessly around in mine

when i lay awake at night frustration and jealousy can be so unkind

i imagine that your world is not so unlike mine

though i know it is so different at the very same time

it is a beautiful thing i believe this love between you and i

though young and immature sometimes like the sun rising in the sky

and sometimes i forget that at this point in time

we are two worlds apart just trying not to collide

but learning as we travel through our seperate lives

how to bounce off one another just right

so we can always be the other one's light.


Copyright © 2008 djA - Freeverse Mathematics