sitting at the seashore
staring at the sun
the bright disk sinking low
as the wind is blowing
on my ugly
face I
hate to watch the sun set
as it goes away it leaves me
all alone
and feeling empty
inside next to the cold water
with nothing but the chilly night air
around me
and the sounds of the night
echoing inside my brain
and I can't decide if they are real
or am I just
I am
so alone next to the waves
that try to come sit near me
and I want to just run out
and greet them but
it's cold
and I am so alone
how can I get warm
I'll never know
where are they now when I could really use
a friend
I think that I will just go away
into the sea and be with my friends
and I'll never be coming back here again
until I need to be alone
I am so alone
and my toes are cold and my friends are
calling me I am going to go now
but I will be back
you can be sure that I'll try
when the waves crash on the rocks
and spray into the air
and they get me wet with their salty kisses
I miss them so much and I want to run
out and be with them because the sun
is gone
and I am cold
and alone
(so alone)
where am I going today
I will be brave
I will go
I will step in the water

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics