...for my wife

turtle by the sea

the love in your eyes
makes me feel so alive
your smile like warm sunlight
makes me melt into the floor
and the love in your eyes
keeps me coming back for more

it's like i'm dancing in the rain
it's like i'm being there again
it's alright

the touch of your lips
just as soft as a kiss
telling my skin just exactly
what it needs to hear
and then whispering sweet "i love you"'s
in my ear

it's like a perfect summer sky
it is the answer to my why
it's alright

the moon tries to hide
the roses already tried
but i can touch the moon
and still take time for the blooms
or i could pick you a flower
and write you a little tune

it's like a sunset at the shore
we'll be walking there for sure
it's alright

Copyright © 2007 djA - Freeverse Mathematics