the swingset

silently swinging
      waves crashing
         i know
            restless thoughts
               not sure
                  which way to go
                     the cure
                        ever present light
                           so bright
                              my eternal friend
                                 the night
                                    sing sweet songs
                                 my friend
                              never let your song
                       i want to give up
                    the fight
                 i know in my heart
              it's right
           speak so softly
        the swings
           telling a secret
              of things
                 come and gone
                    here again
                       the broken hearted
                             for all the gold in
                                the world
                                   every boy and 
                                         the swingset singing
                                            the blues
                                               telling everyone
                                                  the news
                                               sorrow sadness
                                            my heart
                                         raging anger
                                      my part
                                   i cannot sing
                             but i know another
                      push my swing
                            i'm begging down on
                               my knees
                                  understand not
                                        trials struggles
                                           and strife
                                              hold me closer
                                                 i beg
                                                      i'm falling into
                                                   a grave
                                                let me know that
                                             i'm real
                                          just not sure how
                                       to feel
                                 my soul
                              emotion ever
                           so full
                        cannot sit and
                     just watch
                  delving deeper into
            uncertain what tomorrow
         will hold
      i am feeling
   so old
a tired feeling
   no sleep
      wish i could rest
         so deep
            into a dream
                  with no emotions
                     to feel
                        cold feet and
                           cold toes
                              some things everybody
                                    except for me
                                       or so it seems
                                          i hate having these
                                             bad dreams
                                                about a swingset
                                                   lost in sand
                                                      all alone in
                                                         a distant land
                                                            where noisy chains
                                                               are only sound
                                                                 and ever changing
                                                                    is the ground
                                                                       i only wish that
                                                                          i could fly
                                                                             to another land so
                                                                                i could try
                                                                                   to lead a normal
                                                                                sort of life
                                                                             a job a family
                                                                          and a wife
                                                                       silently swinging
                                                                    no other home
                                                                 through my head
                                                              still i roam
                                                           the dream continues
                                                        that i'm sure
                                                     but i'll always be looking
                                                  for the cure
                                               and though these swings
                                            haunt my dreams
                                         i'll never stop wondering
                                      what it means

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics