sunset... feeling far away from you
as the sky is split in two
wonder what these changes mean
but i dare not even dream

this is the big part
between laughing and crying

clinging like the sun to day
nighttime takes it all away
each and every cloud ablaze
all of consciousness a daze

today is torn apart
between living and dying

searching for a way to cope
always leaving room for hope
cold & darkness creeping out
ebb & flow of fear & doubt

there is a broken heart
between thinking and trying

looking for another way
roses bloom in reflected day
moonlight's heart is full of sorrow
savor each breath before tomorrow

my path will depart
between weeping and sighing

staring once again to sea
the horizon buried deep within me
i hope to find the sunset at dawn
but before it starts it's already gone dawn

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics