rainy days and sundays

i can't write today
not even a little
my mind is lost at sea
in me?
i am not free
not even a little
can't you
or is it
just me?
it seems that i'm
on the same old wheels
it could be
just that the days
seem so much longer
these days
when it rains
is like sunday
quietly i sit and wander
through my mind
and the grey fog that
settles in my heart
and yet a star emerges
somehow through the clouds
amidst the rain
and the dark sky
a tiny light
dare i hope?
or do i come in
out of the rain
will you forget
my name?
will your eyes
look the same?
when i feel your hands in mine
will they still fit?
time will tell
exactly what i do not know
my feelings are dulled
by the rain
i'm just glad
that it's not snow
for now
i'll reach for the star
feel the cool night
and the tears falling on my face
these are the fields
that i planted
i remember the seeds
and i would plant them again
the same
sometimes change
gives me too much credit
and yet no credit at all
as i fall

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics