Poetry can lift me up to the stars
Then let me fall like tears
It inspires me and makes me feel alive
Sometimes I can't stop smiling
Inside, where it tickles my soul
Outside I've got a secret and I want the whole world
To wonder what it is that is dancing in my mind
A good poem to me
Is a hot cup of tea on a cool evening
Warming me up inside with a thousand tiny pleasures
Setting my spirit down into a picture perfect valley
Of green hills and blue skies

Poems are my reminders
Why I am alive and what it is like to cry
How sometimes I am afraid
How sometimes I am filled with joy
Like signs pointing to the more perfect parts of life
A poem is in the most fascinating way
An ever changing picture of the realities of my life

I marvel at the thought...

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics