Ordinary Aspirations

A sea of clouds below me
I look down at the dreams hidden within
Wondering if I will find my own
I hope to see the shores beneath
To stumble across familiar land
On a beach not yet visited
Hints of clarity reveal mountains
Peeking through the thickest of cotton
An unknown range across the country
Asking me to jump down
Fall forever into open arms
Resting in her gentle slopes
I dream of landing softly like a kiss
Yet I fear the ground is cold
So now the mountains have vanished
The fields of blank dreams return
Offering only their mysterious ways
Answering my questions with riddles
An entire world rests
Far beneath the clouds
And though I fear the unknown
My heart longs to fall into mystery
Underneath the comfort below me
Into sleep where I'll find my dream

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics