No Room For Tears

The beach is cold
And the moonlit waves
Crashing in sorrow
Drown my thoughts with grief
The chill of the night
Breeze on my back
Presses me on towards
The end of life
This is not living anymore
Thoughts plummet
Through my head like
Meteorites in the sky
Burning up when they hit reality
Set aflame like
An old abandoned house
Destined to be laid to waste
There is no room for tears
In this nightmare
Which I call my life
The stars overhead
Hear my plea for hope
But the simple prayer
Fall short of their terrible flames
Any and all hope is lost
In the deafening sound
Of the pounding waves
Too far to reach now
Too hard to grasp
The only hope is
To give up
And cry
And so I'd cry
If I had the tears
But there is no room
For tears in this nightmare
And no need for excuses
The sea is our home
And so I run
Into the night
Glimmering on the crests
Of the perpetual life
Which lies at the edge
Of the shore
Oh that I might partake
Of that life
And be one with the sea
To feel whole and real
And to feel the moon
Pressing its cold face
Gently on my shoulder
To know the love
Of my friend
And the comfort
Of companionship
The comfort
Of your love

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics