my 2¢

(for what it's worth)

i think that you're beautiful
filling the world with light
like the dawning sun
traversing the sky you are
the only one
catching my eye as you
set on the horizon and
proclaim the day is done

i think that you're beautiful
dancing ever so lightly like
the leaves on a gentle breeze
moving rhythmically like
a tiny ship on the great seas
all of the music of nature
surrounds as you it seeks to please

i think that you're beautiful
your body shaped carefully
by a gentle stream over thousands of years
the delicate curves of your face and shape
draw me to you near
perfect reflection of all that you
are casts aside all doubt and fear

i think that you're beautiful
overflowing on the outside
what is so carefully hidden within
never quite believing that
the outside is only where your beauty does begin
somehow i wirh that you
could see just how much i long to get in

i think that you're beautiful
that hardly seems to say enough at all
you've changed the way the world looks
in spring and in fall
the way stars shine in summer
and make winter's shadows tall

i think that you're beautiful...

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics