March 6

i am sitting at the edge of this cliff
sitting at the edge of my life
and i could just let go and fall
jump with all my might into the sea
the endless waves would be my grave
as i spend my last strength to leave this cliff
and i could just stay here forever
sitting here beneath the stars
the moon to keep me company
and the wind to hold my heart
a neverending fantasy world
where time would just stand still
stand still and hear the waves below
play their triumphal anthem
making their own music
in a world so full of life
where peaceful thoughts abide
i cannot see the future
but i know that it does hold
a longing to return myself
to sit on this cliff and hope
that someday you'll be here with me
and that is when you'll know
the wonders of this wonderful place
as i hold your hand
and share with you a deeper peace
than is possible to understand
and the night will come
as we watch the very last light
coming from across the sea
the endless sea
the sea that holds my dreams within
the sea that holds my life
the terrible sea that brings the waves
of emotion to the rocks below
and at the very edge of life
and the end of this cliff
i will sit and spend my time
and be filled with love, peace and life

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics