I sometimes ask myself
Who you are
And wonder
at all the things I see you doing
and all the words I hear you saying
and all the games I know you're playing
I don't think that you really are
Or perhaps you simply never were
Everytime I look at your face
It looks different somehow
Worn out by the trials of your mind
A beaten and broken spirit
Stirred to conciousness by each little sound
Taken from your rest all throughout
The nights which haunts you
Tease and taunt you
Shaking you so violently within
Disturbance of otherwise perfect sleep
Your very self the only source
Of pain and guilt and sorrow and terror
The screams in the darkness
The crying in your dreams
I wonder
and sometimes, I really wonder
just exactly who you are
But I never answer
Just wonder

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics