how do i know that you're ok
       when you don't even bother to look my way?
       i hate playing games i wish i was strong
       then i'd tell you what i've been thinking all along
       i will stand in your face and speak my mind
       what's wrong you ask?!... well, never mind
       i just thought i'd drop by, stop past and say, "hi"
       (i am getting so sick of that God damned lie)
       i really have nothing more to say i guess
       but i see our friendship is growing less
       and less everyday; in fact it is dying
       i don't want you to see me crying
       so please look away
       look the other way
       away from the pain and sickness that rules me
       from the hollow dog with tools we
       forget ourselves and forget to break
       did i tell you about the weather?
         it's really a nice day outside

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics