i miss you more than i missed you before

the touch of your feet sticks to my ankle like a soft flower kiss

our hands collide like two planets held back in anticipation and finally freed in their passionate touch

i can still taste your honey lips soft in my mouth

your scented hair clings to the two day growth on my cheek as you press your head under my chin and pull yourself close

i want to hold you forever

i feel your hands searching out every muscle in my back, crawling down my sides...
finding their way between my trembling legs as your heart skips and you gasp a quick breath

i am breathing your sweet breath still in my lungs, hoping that this is what i will remember...
what will last but i know finally what i forgot was to say "goodbye"...
no, not "goodbye" but "i'll see you in my dreams" and i hope that you see me too

i love you

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