i'm tired of fighting with myself
i just want to sleep
just fade away like the sun at dusk
but it struggles so hard to stay alive
clings to the sky with all its might
the war which rages on within me
and the end is far from sight
the moon rises but the sun still stays
and even when it's gone it comes back again
he simply won't let go of the clouds
won't let the battle end
i can feel the fire burning
raging against the sea
which tries so hard to extinguish
this light radiating from within me
and hopelessness sets in
for i know that the day must end
substitution of night for light
the flames of fire all put out
and smoldering like a cigarette
put out before its time
i look among the ashes
to see what i might find
nothing but sorrow and a grey death
lies before me now
small fish will consume me
if i quit this fight
so please blow a little harder
and prolong the coming of the night
fear's voice bellows loudly from deep within
my very soul resounding
the way things ought to have been
don't speak to me of fortune
or of options unknown
for my heart can't hear
and my mind can't see
and my feelings are buried deep
stop this damned fighting
just let go and sink into the sea
it's very beautiful
but you have to look in order to see

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics