The other night I had a dream

She had a face that shined like the sun
And filled my life with a radiant warmth
Her eyes sparkled like the brightest of stars
Lighting up my life like a full moon on a dark night

And in this dream there was a woman

Skin so soft it was like a cloud
Resting in the sky beneath the sun & the stars
A figure like that of a well thought sculpture
Carefully crafted by a god

And the woman was full of love and of life, which flowed from her heart to mine

Her smile reminded me of rolling green hills
Covered with daisies and filled with the aroma of spring
Her tears like summer rain
Fell with the joy that ran through her spirit

And though by distance seperate, we were in spirit united

Her long brown hair flew freely in the wind
Like autumn leaves falling gently on the breeze
Her voice moved gracefully through the air
Like the song of a lovebird it comforted me

And it was this woman that I loved, this woman who had so filled my soul with life

Beautifully long and slender legs kept her on the ground
Connected heaven and earth
Like an angel she showed me true beauty
And she let me look inside

Whe I awoke from this heavenly dream, I almost started to cry

Beneath the surface, I saw where her real beauty did hide
Like the light from a thousand stars, it blinded my eyes
Like the ocean itself, the surface was remarkable
But under her waves there was so much more inside

She lay there beside me, asleep in the night.

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics