a love letter

Nights are the hardest times for me now.

I lay here awake wondering about my favorite star and if she's twinkling as brightly as I remember even though she seems far away right now.

I think about how much I'd love to watch her sleep - to gently touch her arms and cuddle up close behind her and listen to her softly breathing, trying to make my way into her dreams.

I try to remember times that have passed when love and passion directed our paths to come alongside each other - our eyes meeting across a room, our fingers touching across a table, or a kiss so sweet across what seems like a thousand worlds trying to keep our hearts apart.

Sometimes, when I lay here at night, wondering about my favorite star, the vastness of the universe overwhelms me and I lose myself to discouragement and frustration until I just close my eyes and imagine myself crossing all of those worlds and reaching out and touching her shining face just for a second.

My heart pounds in my chest and I shake with excitement and anticipation until I finally sleep - dreaming about the prettiest star -- my favorite star.

Tu ocupas un lugar especial en mi corazon. Solo tu eres mi amor. Te amo.

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