Only in death will I know freedom
This dream enslaves my concious thought
Drowning in sorrow, my mind awakes
Release and free my soul, I beg
I'm sorry that I ever started this game
Didn't know the wages at stake
Or the rules... so obscure
So very well undefined and vague
Changing with the weather
Never constant, always in motion
Afraid of things that might come to pass
Only seeing my life which has passed
And not the future, oh so grim
Chemical alteration changes the sky
Moves constellations and thier words
Astrology's miracles twisted & turned
Brain manipulation, sick & disturbed
Why do this to me my friend?
Let me go on to my own bitter end
With melancholy smile and each little breath
Taking me ever so much closer to death

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics