Maybe I just forgot
Then again, maybe not
I wonder why
I try
To make you see
only the parts that I want you to see
The parts of me
I think are good
Not those so often
Completely misunderstood
Maybe I am afraid
I think I just hurt
and I won't let go
What do you really know?
Or is it just what
You want to see and believe about me?
Is this an incredible dream
Like most of the ones
I have
it would seem?
Can it possibly be
that you are only in love
with the idea of me?
that's what it seems
I can hardly even explain
How much it hurts
to care
Maybe you actually are aware
Because I am here alone
And though it may be only time
That keeps us apart
It seems like you are
so far away from my heart
What I wish most
Is that I might
Overcome the same old internal fight
That always ends
The best things
With my friends

Copyright © 2004 djA - Freeverse Mathematics